Metavera was founded in 2000 with a focus on sustainable transportation technologies. Our company’s principals, having a strong background with public transit technology systems, wanted to mash the power of these systems with the power of the web. Naturally, interest turned to an emerging sustainable transportation model – carsharing. In 2001, the company launched its prototype carsharing reservation system that has since evolved along with the industry to fulfill the technology gap in reservations, membership management, fleet management and automated billing. Today, our carsharing system is the leading solution for independent carshare operators across the globe.

Further, our continued commitment to innovation drove the company to expand into fleet management and peer-to-peer carsharing. As we dive deeper into the transportation technology industry, we find fulfillment in sharing our expertise with customers and creating intelligent systems that change the way people drive.


Mission and Vision

Our priority at Metavera is to help managers effectively run their operations and offer their users exceptional service. What’s more, we strive to produce larger social and environmental benefits through our technology. We have a vision of a more sustainable world and our core purpose is to make it possible through collaboration and innovation within the sharing economy.

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