We are a team of experienced managers, talented developers, and agile support staff. We are passionate about our products, and share a commitment to collaboration, innovation and sustainability.

Management Team

Tony Simopoulos

Founder & President – Tony graduated with a bachelors of science from the University of Toronto with a double-major in mathematics and physics. Despite the fact that post-graduate academics were a compelling option, Tony entered the burgeoning technology industry as a junior programmer for a small Toronto company that provided unique software solutions for public transit agencies. In 2000 he founded Metavera Solutions Inc. He has been a pioneer in of the CarSharing Industry, working for years with small non-profits and entrepreneurs, helping to enable the market into the dynamic business it is today. Today, Metavera has customers, both large and small, all over the world, with thousands of vehicles, and tens of thousands of users. Tony is very proud of Metavera’s substantial impact in this industry, as well as the efforts of the team he has assembled that have sustained this impact over the last decade. He is a hands on executive, with a passion for technology, and a controlled, yet risk taking attitude and enthusiasm that matches that of the entrepreneurs he works alongside every day. When he is not hard at work for Metavera, he enjoys spending time with his family.


Julie Simopoulos

Vice President of Finance – As the VP of Finance, Julie is a key component to Metavera’s success. Since joining the team in 2003, she has not only helped organize the financial aspect of the company, but also implemented exemplary business and human resource practices. Further, she brings forth extensive knowledge of management, finance, auditing and taxation from her academic and professional career. Julie is famous for attention to detail, but believes her energy reigns supreme. While out of the office, she enjoys tennis, theater, traveling as well as spending time with her three beautiful children.


Ilan Sandler

Vice President Operations – Ilan has a B.Sc. in physics, an AOCAD in Fine and Media Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Digital Media. Over the past fifteen years he has worked in digital media and industrial fabrication to produce his own public art on three continents.

Since 2000 he has been developing a research and production profile in the fine and media arts through various collaborations with scientists, arts institutions, and industry. His production and research initiatives have involved digital media technology, rapid
prototyping, and industrial processes to create public sculpture and media installations.
He has built a studio that for over a decade has employed artisans, technicians, and engineers to contribute to the construction of his internationally recognized public artworks, including ten permanent works in the US and Canada. While working as an Executive Director he established the first publicly accessible New Media lab for artists in Atlantic Canada.

He has worked as a lecturer and an award-winning researcher in Fine Arts universities in Canada and the US and as the Executive Director of a not-for-profit arts organization. He brings all of these experiences to the sharing economy.


Paul Dyck

Director of Product Management – Paul has worked on a variety of products from naval control systems, to commercial flight simulators, film special effects, industrial design, and 3D animation for games and film. He has contributed to the development of 2 products that received academy awards for technical achievement. Further, he looks forward to pushing the Metavera product line to new heights. In his spare time, you can find him biking across Ontario, and appreciates the Metavera team is making it safer to cycle by reducing the number of cars on the road.


Jay Kim

Manager of Software Engineering / Architect – Jay is a seasoned solution architect with 14 years of experience who have been designing systems ranging from award winning interactive web applications to massive back-end financial systems for large corporations. Prior to joining Metavera, he worked as a Software Architect and Team Lead in industries including financial, loyalty, retail, printing, logistics and has won several awards and recognitions. Jay has also been a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of a startup that developed software for the printing industry. He believes in sound engineering principles and mastery of software craftsmanship with business pragmatism. These day in his spare time he likes to build lego robots and design android apps with his son.


Development Team

Will Harford

Development Team Lead – Will Harford is the software development lead at Metavera. He has been working in the IT and software industry for over 11 years. Before coming to the company, he worked writing software for medical statistics, regulatory compliance for physicians, and electronic storage and distribution of medical document. Will is a geek at heart and spends his spare time writing electronic music and dabbling in electronics. Amongst friends and coworkers, he is also known for his love of spicy food and his skills in the kitchen.


Hemraj Singh

Senior Quality Analyst – Hemraj has over four years experience as Senior Quality Analyst with Metavera. After earning a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Ryerson, he joined General Electric as a Hardware Test Engineer. Following a successful tenure with GE, he continued his career in quality with Motorola as a Software and Systems Test Engineer. Today, he applies his extensive knowledge in the field of software quality and testing to drive continuous improvements through test automation and quality processes. In his free time, he enjoys travelling and listening to world music.


Tom Granger

Developer – Tom is a software engineer with experience in several industries including the financial and public sectors. A man of the world, in the past seven years he has studied and worked in France, Scotland (UK), Spain and Canada. Tom earned a Bachelor of Engineering from the Edinburgh Napier University as well as a Masters in Software Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Before Metavera, Tom worked as an analyst programmer in a multiple of massive software projects for a large consultancy firm in Europe. When not at work, Tom Enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar and travelling.


Joel Malaluan

Developer – Before joining Metavera in 2013, Joel accumulated 7 years of experience developing Java-based desktop and web applications. He is enthusiastic about learning about new technologies that make use of Java. Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Majoring in Computer Application and Information Science from San Beda College, Philippines. He was barely in Canada for a month before being hired by Metavera. While still in the Philippines, he enjoyed outdoor activities such as trekking and hiking in the mountains. He is also a big fan of the long road trip.


Martin Francis

Senior Developer – Martin has been heavily involved with computers for thirty years, with extensive professional experience in Programming, IT Support, QA Automation, performance and security testing. He has also taught at college and university in Canada and the UK.  Before joining Metavera in 2014 he spent ten years running a small business and developing and marketing his own web application and content management platform. Originally from England, Martin and his two small boys now cheer for the Leafs and Jays, but he’d still rather sip a nice cup of tea than chug back a crate of Molson.  He’s very involved with his local church where he plays drums, and he drives a little white Smart Car to work each day.


Indira Chavez

Intermediate Developer – Indira has been working in the IT industry for over seven years. She has a Bsc. in Computer Science from the Havana Polytechnic University. While in Cuba she worked at the University for 3 years as a developer and taught programming to undergraduates. She loves taking pictures and experimenting in the kitchen with family recipes.


Ilya Branin

Quality Analyst – Ilya comes to Metavera with three years of software Quality Assurance experience under his belt and a dedication to help improve quality processes and long-term quality strategies. In his spare time, Ilya enjoys playing sports (with tennis being his favourite), playing music (trying his hand at guitar, drums and piano), reading and travelling.


Darek Kowalski

Senior Developer – Darek is a Senior Developer who has over 12 years of work experience in the IT industry. He has developed his own applications including one in which over 15 million records of local parking ticket data are analyzed to determine where and when parking tickets get issued in Toronto. He is passionate about location based applications and mapping technologies. When he is not on the computer writing software he enjoys golfing, cycling and hiking with his dog Linus.


Blair Bonang

Intermediate Developer – A Fanshawe College alumnus with several years of IT experience, Blair brings his programming knowledge to Metavera as an Intermediate Developer. His passion for music ensures that he is never far from an instrument, whether it be guitar, drums, harmonica or synthesizer. When he finds time away from computers and music, Blair can be found seeking thrills through rock-climbing, geocaching, and snowboarding (weather permitting).


Support & Implementation Team

Dimitre Dimitrov

Project Manager – Dimitre is passionate about making teams work better. Whether it is a cleaner and leaner process, or an individual skill that would bolster the team’s ability to solve problems, Dimitre wants to know about it, understand it, and apply it. He brings experience in project management, business analysis and software development, and continues to gain new knowledge in process quality and optimization. Outside of work he is interested in what makes him, and other people, happy.


Wilson Cheng

Support and Implementation Team Lead – Wilson comes to us from Carleton University in Ottawa where he graduated with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Computer Science. This unique combination of expertise allows him to implement complex technical issues and make them understandable to non-technical people (in either English or Cantonese).


Mike Penner

Support and Implementation Web Developer – Mike is a car guy and a software developer, making him a natural fit for Metavera where we combine technology with (shared) cars. We’re pretty sure that he would not be comfortable sharing his ride with a lot of strangers, but we’re working on that.


Vuk Djordjevic

Support and Implementation Web Developer – Vuk has an honours degree in Applied Computing and a diploma in Wireless & Telecommunications. Over the past ten years he has worked in the IT industry specializing in database administration, application programming (Java, PHP, object-oriented) and UI / UX design for Apple, Logitech, Teranet and the Bank of Canada. Along with mathematics, design and software development, Vuk is also passionate about music and poetry. While out of the office, he enjoys spending time with his children, taking road-trips and managing various non-profit websites.



Eric Szapiel

Systems Engineer – Eric is responsible for keeping our infrastructure reliable, efficient, and up to date. He brings 13 years of experience in infrastructure in many different industries. Eric has built 2 data-centers from the ground up in a 40+ server environment. He has worked on projects such as a quality control system for Velcro Canada and Velcro Spain to stream-line manufacturing. When he isn’t working, he loves snowboarding, automotive racing, and white water rafting.


Administrative Staff

Tetyana Garkava

Accounting Assistant – When people talk about “movers and shakers”, Tetyana Garkava can certainly relate to the moving part. Born in Ukraine, she moved to the UK in 2001 before finally settling in the Great White North in 2006. Besides moving, you could say that numbers have also been a big part of her life. She has a degree in math and programming and now enjoys her days crunching numbers as Metavera’s Accounting Assistant. One number is particularly dear to her heart is 2007, the year her daughter was born. Like many busy Moms on the go, Tetyana doesn’t have a great deal of spare time. When she does have, however, she enjoys reading literature and practical financial books. Tetyana loves to travel, and has been to places as diverse as India and Switzerland. In the near future, hopes to take to the skies once again and continue to travel the world.

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