Metavera Car Sharing Solution – Benefits

Metavera offers you more than just technology; we offer peace of mind. Our solutions:

  • Simplify Implementation

    We offer end-to-end solutions that include vehicle hardware, software, support and training. No need for you to have the expertise in vehicle sharing technology. No delays, confusion or additional costs brought on by engaging multiple vendors to create a complete solution. Our experienced team takes care of installing, maintaining and updating your systems.

  • Accelerate Return on Investment

    Our hosted solution allows you to concentrate on your core business without having to install, configure, and maintain the technology required to support it. Using the Metavera software as a service (SAAS) provides an attractive return on investment through increased cash flow, efficient vehicle utilization, and reduced capital and employee costs.

  • Reduce Risk

    With over 10 years at the forefront of the industry, Metavera offers the low risk solution. Our solutions are here

  • Suit Your Business Needs

    Our products are configured to meet your unique business model and flexible to your needs. Whether you are looking for tailored branding, billing or applications, we have it covered!


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