Metavera Car Sharing Solution – Features

  • New Member Registration

    Our application forms make it easy for new drivers to join. An intelligent applicant approval workflow automates driver record checks, charges application fees, provides registration status notifications and more.

  • Booking a Vehicle

    Our reservation system allows users to select vehicles based on type, location, features, time and cost. Users can drive within minutes of booking online. If on the go, they can use a smartphone, an automated phone system, or a live call center operator.

  • Billing and Accounting

    Our automated accounting system lets you manage your billing, payments, promotions, and penalties, while also accommodating different payment models and rate plans. Generating monthly invoices or expense breakdowns is a snap.

  • Managing your Fleet

    Our sophisticated fleet management technology keeps track of where all your vehicles live, and lets you communicate with them. Smart scheduling maximizes utilization, allowing you to serve more drivers and increase revenue per vehicle.

  • Problem Solving

    If a driver is running late with their reservation or a payment is bounced, our system lets your staff efficiently resolve real world operational problems in a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Managing your Members’ Accounts

    Our system stores member information including status and history. It also allows members to self-manage their profile including personal and credit card information.

  • Reporting

    Our product records and reports vehicle utilization, accounting, membership statistics and more. It allows you to oversee operational activity, measure results and make the right business decisions.

  • Hosting and Support

    We provide hosting as well as regular maintenance including upgrades, back-ups, tuning and more. Further, we offer extensive training and operational support.

“The Metavera Car Sharing Solution brings many benefits, some a function of the system’s functionality,
some because of it being a hosted solution and some because of Metavera’s experience. Read More.

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