Lock ‘n Track

Low Cost

  • Inexpensive hardware compared to carsharing vehicle tech – 60-90% cheaper
  • Save cost of professional installation


Easy Installation

  • Plug-in instead of removing dash and cutting wires
  • No expertise required


Simple for Users

  • No special access card
  • Using vehicle key is more familiar than access cards


Key Access & Control Box

  • Allow access via one-time remote access codes
  • Key Box requires no network connection


Vehicle Technology Integration Difference

  • Built-in cellular and GPS antenna for easy installation
  • Power sleep modes
  • Continous data capture
  • No specialized equipment to install
Girl-with-BoxWebMetavera’s automated access control and tracking system is the most cost effective way to easily set up a car sharing system. Start with Metavera’s Car Sharing Solution, use the on site or vehicle mounted key lock box, plug in the OBD-II cellular GPS, and you have full control over Reservations, Key Access, and Car Location.


As a member you simply access the Metavera reservation system via a mobile or web interface to choose the date, time, and car you want. When it is time to drive, the system will send you a PIN code via SMS. You use the PIN to open the lock box to retreive the key or fob. Now you can open the car and drive. When the car is returned, you will be sent a second PIN code so you can lock the car, open the lock box, return the key or fob and close the box. Simple, quick and secure.

An owner can use his own car by following the same process. He can optionally store the OBD-II device in the lock box until his reservation is complete and then return the keys to the lock box and plug the OBD-II device back into the car.

This system provides car share access control and management without the need to install specialized equipment or build custom structures. Owners also have the assurance of knowing how their car is being used when shared, and that no tracking data is accumulated when they are using the car.